Friday, March 19, 2010

What does "positive workplace" mean to you?

We asked this question on LinkedIn, and here were some of our favorite answers...

I think the definition of this phrase is probably as diverse as the collection of individuals in the workplace being discussed... for me personally, it's a place where I am trusted and respected, where my professional growth is supported, and where I have the opportunity to act in kind towards my colleagues.

Community, fun, respect, supportive, flexible, inspiring. I start with community b/c if employees describe their work space as having a sense of community, they feel a sense of belonging, and that triggers engagement and loyalty.

Open-minded, people take and give responsibility, fair, fun, reliable, where your competence is needed and developed

A"no idiots" policy.

New ideas welcome, resources shared according to need, all roles respected (not just your own tribe's!), flexibility based on trust.

Creativity, open communication, friendliness, flexible work hours, intolerance of cattiness.

Open to ideas, trusting, energetic, light 'n airy workspaces, respectful of human beings (not cogs in a machine) coming together to tackle projects, warm, mentoring, see work as a journey toward a goal that makes a difference; work is more than just work... It should be a fun 'n exciting where we r in the zone n in our element, like children with crayons having such a fun day, bright, open, curious n embracing all that's on offer

Respectful, fun, compassionate

'I would like to come back here again and again'

I love coming to work everyday.

You must have freedom to fail to be able to innovate and grow

No egotistical, abusive managers who are protected by upper management and the lawyers in HR (does that sound bitter? :)

Challenges, growth, engaging, stimulating

Optimism, stimulating, open, compassionate, creative, fun, engaging, growth

Invigorating, energizing

Feeling supported by co-workers in a fun, collaborative environment.


Anonymous said...

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Tal Fighel said...


Great article. Very informative.

It would be really nice to have a work place where you each person is respected for what they do. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

I think that out of 10 workers whether it is someone new or someone who has been there for 5 years, 9 of them don't like who they work with and don't like that place at all.